Code of Conduct

I. Introduction

A. Purpose of the Makerspace Code of Conduct

Outlines the responsibilities of members, volunteers and committee members

B. Statement on the values and principles of the makerspace community

II. General Guidelines

A. Respect for all individuals regardless of background, identity, or skill level

B. Responsibility for personal conduct and its impact on others

C. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

D. Commitment to safety in all activities

III. Behavior Expectations

A. Respectful Communication

1. Use inclusive language and avoid offensive or derogatory remarks

2. Listen actively and respectfully to others' ideas and perspectives

B. Collaboration and Sharing

1. Encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among members

2. Respect others' workspaces, tools, and projects

C. Cleanliness and Maintenance

1. Clean up after yourself and leave workspaces tidy

2. Report any safety hazards or equipment issues promptly

D. Consent and Boundaries

1. Obtain consent before using others' tools or materials

2. Respect personal space and boundaries of others

IV. Safety Guidelines

A. Proper Equipment Use

1. Follow manufacturer instructions for tools and equipment

B. Hazard Awareness

1. Identify and mitigate potential hazards in the workspace

2. Educate members on emergency procedures and equipment

C. Reporting Safety Concerns

1. Report any accidents, near misses, or unsafe conditions immediately

2. Participate in safety training sessions as required